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  • 315FB Martini Freestanding Bar
    • 15% less

    315FB Martini Freestanding Bar

    A sexy, stylish, and sophisticated statement, the Martini bar features a curved Champagne Plated accent panel, frosted glass surfaces and tapered body available in any Elite durable powder-coat finish

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    • $2549.00
  • 380P Beacon Pub Table
    • 14% less

    380P Beacon Pub Table

    The Beacon Pub Table captures your imagination with architectural sleek lines of sturdy sheets of structural metal and wood.

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    • $849.00
  • 393FB Uptown Mobile Bar
    • 15% less

    393FB Uptown Mobile Bar

    Innovative, inspired, and inventive, Scaled for today’s urban living. This new rolling bar features a powder coat body with multiple piercings to create storage spaces and visual appeal.

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    • $1449.00
  • 362FB Churchill Freestanding Bar
    • 13% less

    362FB Churchill Freestanding Bar

    The Churchill Bar Cart is great-looking as well as practical. The Churchill’s carpet casters make it to move easily on any flooring material and can be put away quickly.

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    • $1799.00
  • 393SC Uptown Serving Cart
    • 13% less

    393SC Uptown Serving Cart

    Innovative, inspired, and inventive—the Uptown serving cart is designed for today’s urban living. This dynamic addition to our popular Uptown collection can be used as a serving cart in a dining environment, or as a mini bar cart for entertaining.

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    • $1569.00
  • 394P Crystal Pub Table
    • 13% less

    394P Crystal Pub Table

    The pure, precise interlocking forms of natural crystals were the basis for this striking design. 

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    • $969.00
  • 394BT Crystal Bistro Table
    • 14% less

    394BT Crystal Bistro Table

    The Crystal Bistro Table is available in different sizes and shapes of glass top and height.

    • Available in different sizes and shapes of glass top and height
    • Interlocking of Steel uprights are available in Champagne plating or any Elite powder coat finish
    • Base plate available in any Elite powder-coat finish

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    • $849.00
  • 397P Mason Pub Table
    • 12% less

    397P Mason Pub Table

    Mason possesses streamlined elegance and dynamic lines. It features a swirling vortex of steel tubes that rise up to create a dramatic, sculptural column.

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    • $689.00
  • 398SC Mollino Serving Cart
    • 14% less

    398SC Mollino Serving Cart

    This trolley bar on wheels takes its name from the famous Italian designer of the 1940’s, Carlo Mollino. This striking design was inspired by the organic and fluid design approach seen in his work.

    • 20.25d x 44w x 30.25h
    • Acid-etched Glass Top
    • Walnut Veneer
    • Top Shelf ONLY: Glass or Wood
    • Chrome handle - no options
    • On Casters

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    • $1659.00
  • Accademia Cocktail Cabinet

    Accademia Cocktail Cabinet

    The Accademia Cocktail Cabinet is very luxurious and emphasizes modern design.

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    • $3175.00
  • Corona Pub Table (3003P)

    Corona Pub Table (3003P)

    Refined and elegant, the Corona Pub table is comprised of a stylized sunburst top motif supported by a tapered pedestal base. 

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    • $1009.00
  • Icon Pub Table (3005P)
    • 3% less

    Icon Pub Table (3005P)

    Icon features a complex, structural aesthetic that was inspired by the intricate engineering of bridges, trestles, and towers. Basic geometric forms are combined and repeated, creating a dynamically rhythmic effect.

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    • $919.00
  • Swing 3012 Freestanding Bar

    Swing 3012 Freestanding Bar

    Let’s get this party started with the new Swing bar! Bound to be the center of attention, this truly dynamic design features a pivoting bar top, your choice of three laser-cut screens, and a stainless steel mirror panel for excitement and sparkle. Swing open the pivoting top to nearly double the bar’s size, or arrange it as a peninsula at your next event to allow seating on both sides.

    Patterns Available

    Not rated yet
    • $2799.00
  • Skew 3013 Freestanding Bar

    Skew 3013 Freestanding Bar

    Sexy and stylish, the Skew bar features your choice of three laser-cut screens, dynamically skewed shapes, and a stainless steel mirror panel for excitement and sparkle. Glossy white glass is inset into the trapezoidal bar top for both style and durability.

    Patterns Available

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    • $2499.00

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